Proactive Support of Labor is a 21st century rehabilitation of the classic Active Management of Labor. It is a re-think: re-stating, providing evidence for, and updating of the concept. Plus, it provides the natural scientific basis of this approach and some important new ideas.

This book is written as a mission to convert the obstetric and midwifery world to the way the authors think. And by and large, they are not only right, but they argue their case effectively and with use of references. It reeks of commonsense, takes no prisoners, and is utterly certain of itself. It is an absolutely super book. For instance: emblazoned across page 72: 'The greatest impediment to understanding labor is recognizing its start.' Utterly true. The world of pregnancy care needs this. I strongly recommend publication. This book has the potential to become a real classic, with a re-birth of the principles they promote. Publish it and you will be doing pregnant women a huge favor.